Kenya’s next top entertainment magazine blog

Aipate Music Blog is the new website in town that is giving you the best in entertainment features and other business related to this industry. It is growing so fast that within the second month, the blog  has   alrerady  received over 40,000 readers and the stats are rising fast.

With a team of writers who are enthusiastic about the entertainment industry and stuff, and with  a budget for research, the site is giving the best entertainment news and soon will pass the likes of Ghafla and Mpasho since at the moment they are top in terms of quality content.


Trends Defined! magazine is a very clean website that mainly does focus on the business behind the entertainment scene and does not, however,feed their readers with such trivial content. The creators infact are directing those who love gossip to rumour tabloids like Mpasho,Ghafla and African gossip news, among others.


The Editor in Chief informs me that at the moment they do articles with 60% researched facts versus 40% writers’ opinion and they want to take that ratio to something about 80:20 as that will ensure thet the write-ups that appear in the blog are quite authoritative.

Am talking about this blog!

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