The Business of Artist Management


Wanjiku Kimani is an artist manager under RedRepulik managing some of Kenya’s top artists;  the Kansoul, Timmy Tdat, Majik Mike and Ndegz. Previously an events manager at Bernsoft Interactive Limited, she was approached by Madtraxx to manage his music career for a year, after which he was to review her performance and decide whether to keep her or not. Wanjiku has since proved efficient, signing various artists under her label and even employing other artist managers, to help manage her fast growing brand. She shares her experience as an artist manager.

Janet Wanjiku Kimani (Image courtesy of Wanjiku Kimani (Image courtesy of

What’s a typical day like for you?

I am at the office from 9 AM to 5 PM. If my artists have shows or appearances to make, I have to work through the night. My day to day job is mainly publicity. Different days, different artists, getting to know them better…

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  1. Am Moses Oundoh a.k.a Pagan Tafari a songwriter and Reggae Music artist residing in Nakuru. I had already recorded my 1st album with 12 tracks of which they are now on Safaricom Skiza platform as i am planing to record 2nd album of 7 songs and do videos of my 1st album but due to challanges i do wish to work with manager i do request if you can manage to work with me as i found your contacts through google search. I wish to hear from you..thank you

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    • Hi am a music artist of gengetone we are consisting of 4 we’re called X.O.B we have launched one song called vapour we’re looking for a manager


  2. Yes..thank you very much i have already sent my music sample and album cover to the e-mail i wish you grant me that chance to work with you..waiting for your response

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  3. hello there,,my name is francis mwangi, i am from nairobi,,my stage name is mwashdy frank(you caaan google that name to know me better and to see my work). i am an upcoming artists who want to change life through my music talent,,i do bongo and afrobeat style but am facing a lot of challenges,,,i believe a manager would make me a supertsar..please consinder me


  4. am Moses Oundoh a.k.a Pagan Tafari i do request that please remove my mail on your website as it was not for advertisrment as i remember u healped me nothing….wasnt meant to be published


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