Hungarian violin Queen Zita is back with new song “Move” [Aipate Premiere]

Hungarian violinist and Producer Zita is back with a new single “move”, which premiers on Aipate blog. This comes a month after the release of her hit “Eastern Gold“, which we had earlier featured here on Aipate. Her music is compelling even to the toughest of critics and so we would rather not talk so much about it but rather just share it because you will surely like it.

Like we previously reported here on Aipate, Zita is a Hungarian violinist and self-taught record producer. She began studying music at the age of 10 and and later did jazz for three years. As a musician, she has collaborated with many established acts including Zucchero and Billy Branch. She began her solo career when she began producing her own music- she had encountered difficulties getting a good one. Much trouble just to release a record, huh? Yes, but that is what it sometimes takes to deliver that good music to the fans.


  1. music isnt really was it use to be…you play violin, yet what you have told us here is a song…isnt really a “song” in the traditional sense at all. you’re just playing licks on a violin from the Phrygian mode (in G)…and looping it. over and over…the “intro” is just simple rhythms clicking as another click enters…without any word information to be waiting for to relate to that makes the intro potential anticipation disappear. there is no depth to this piece as a “song”, just looped guitar’esque violin chops. over and over… i took piano lessons when i was only 7. i had a by the book piano teacher who taught us the real formula of creating a “song” and time signatures and sight reading, and she would love to hear a violin piece with a little more time put into it. you dont have to rush your creations, we’ll always be hear(lol) ready and waiting. take your time please. -Music-


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