Ramengvrl releases new single, “WHACHU MEAN”

Jakarta’s own Ramengvrl has finally released “WHACHU MEAN”. The song arrives at that intersection where electronic meets hip hop music and she gets to express herself through the articulate rap verses. The artist has been working with Underground Bizniz Club (UBC), the label through which the track was released.

“By the time I was writing the lyrics, I’ve been pretty annoyed with people who came up to me and act all friendly, when I know all they wanted was to get clout in some type of way. And when I don’t respond to them, they start talking about me behind my back. I just want to address these type of people—people who snitch and being all fake.” ~ Ramengvrl

The artists’s birth name is Putri Soeharto and ‘Ramemngvrl’ is a moniker she chose as an ode to Japanese culture, which she loves.  Listen to “WHACHU MEAN”.

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