Shaylen is back with “Isn’t You” [Video]

Los Angeles-based pop newcomer Shaylen drops the visuals for her new single, “Isn’t You”. The singer/songwriter had debuted with “El Dorado“, a song that affixed the industry spotlight towards the artist. “Isn’t You” is another properly done, electro-imbued, pop-driven record carries the hallmarks of an anthem. Shaylen’s sultry vocals expresses her tough attitude toward love.

The video was premiered by Billboard. It was filmed in Independence, California.

I wanted to shoot out in the sparseness of the desert and then in a ‘pay by the hour’ motel. I feel like the energy and loneliness of both locations add to feeling the song conveys. In the end, even though heartbreak sucks and is lonely and isolating and a little desperate, like the desert or a shitty motel, what comes next is strength. I’m ok.” ~ Shaylen

Shaylen is a Dallas-raised artist who, prior to her solo career, was a member of a music group.


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