Listen to Flynn Marks’ Cold Comfort EP & watch him perform the song “Paper”

Cold Comfort EP by UK singer-songwriter Flynn Marks is a collection of 5 acoustic-driven songs. Released on Aprill 22 via TribeEast Music, the project was preceded by the single and video “Waiting For Us“. Alongside the release was the news song “Paper” (and its accompanying live performance video). Other songs on the EP are “Crown”, “Surface” and “The Bottom”.

Listening to this mini-album is an all-encompassing emotional experience. In his own words, Flynn explains, “Cold Comfort is a five track EP which attempts to shine a light into the darkest corners of relationships, drinking too much and the fallout, and all the snakes and ladders that lead us toward poor mental health, etc.

He continues: “Ultimately though, it’s more about the positive lessons I’ve learned rather than just getting burned – it was compiled in isolation with only carnage of the pandemic for a backdrop. I know it’s not much, but it’s frank and honest and hopefully it’ll resonate with people and bring a little ‘Cold Comfort’ to what can be considered a very challenging year.”

Stream Cold Comfort and find Flynn Marks on Instagram.

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