Rap music roundup: 10 songs to squeeze into your playlist

From melodic to boombap-y, lighthearted to introspective, our latest selection of hip-hop/rap songs will keep you entertained.

Chubs x Chris Rivers – “Cammo”

Chubs linked up with fellow emcee Chris Rivers to deliver the song, “Cammo”. The track was produced by Lord Jewish, who crafted an instrumental combining melodies and bass. “Cammo”, which sees the artists spitting heavy bars relevant to the 4/20 theme, was fittingly released on April 20. Chubs notes: “well, on the day I started writing to the beat I was in a giant marijuana field in California wearing camouflage pants so it was only right to name it that. We filmed the video in the Bronx near the Bronx River, a spot that Lord Jewish knows well. It’s always a dope time hanging with Chris, he’s a top lyricist and a hilarious person that keeps me rolling.” Cammo arrived as a 6-track EP package, including a remix, a clean edit and their instrumental versions.

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Tinywiings – “S.I.M.P.”

For her latest single “S.I.M.P.”, Vancouver-based Canadian rapper and singer Tinywiings flipped 50’s “P.I.M.P.” to create a fun, confident and ‘ratchetty’ song. Handled by Unkle Ricky, the production on this track is amazingly crisp. Overall, “S.I.M.P.” is raunchy, and so is the accompanying video. Tinywiings comments: “My producer, Unkle Ricky and I came up with the idea when we kept seeing the word ‘simp’ trending on various social media platforms. We wanted to create a song that would pay homage to the original but with a female twist…

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Nika D x Infekt – “Rebirth”

Nika D (a member of the outfit Virus Syndicate) did make his solo debut with the single “Rebirth”. This uniquely crafted grime track was produced by Infekt, who is Nika’s labelmate at Disciple Records. Showcasing his explosive rhymes, “Rebirth” was released alongside a riveting visual. Speaking about it, the rapper said: “I’m excited to do something a bit different from what’s usually expected from me with VS. This is definitely just the beginning for me in terms of solo projects and I’m feeling very much reborn and motivated musically. Watch this space

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Drelli – “Forreal”

Los Angeles rapper Drelli is bringing heat to the rap scene. His new single (and second release of the year) “Forreal” is a fun, bouncy track with infectious energy. “When making ‘Forreal,’ I wanted it to encapsulate my energy and my confidence,” Drelli explains. “I hoped that the track would motivate other aspiring artists that may be afraid of being themselves and give them the same confidence to start their own trends.” Born in Minneapolis, the artist has Ghanaian roots.

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Victoria Elizabeth x T-Mac – “Drugs”

Victoria Elizabeth is an exciting new artist from Charlotte, North Carolina. Her newest release is a hallucinogenic track suitably titled “Drugs”. It saw Victoria being joined by fellow US rapper T-Mac, and together the artists lay solid verses in between a smooth, catchy hook. “The song has a young, wild, and free-spirited type of energy that vibes with my intoxication lifestyle,” Victoria says. It was released via Supreme Regime/EMPIRE.

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Nugz x D’sinatra x dre barrs x Kareem Siyad – “Uptown Flow”

Fame Records presents lyrical excellence in form of this “Uptown Flow” record. The song is by producer Nugz and Canadian emcees D’sinatra, dre barrs and Kareem Siyad. Each rapper went berserk over the sinister beat. “Uptown Flow” is a massive tune.

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NUSKI2SQUAD – “Laser Tag”

Rising artist Nuski2Squad shared a brand new single a week ago via Cinematic Music Group. Alongside the thoughtful song, the 16-year-old Saint Louis-native rapper/singer unveiled a moody video. The visuals captures Nuski at night, driving in the shadows and moving in and out of lasers/lights. Earlier this year, Nuski2Squad released his Lil Nuski project.

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Nadia Nakai x Vic Mensa – “Practice”

South African rapper Nadia Nakai and US-based artist Vic Mensa bring their chemistry to a new visual, “Practice”. Directed by Ghana’s KP Selorm, the video was sees the two display a mix of sass and confidence. “Practice” is out via Universal Music Group.

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Tayong x Conman Conrad – “Awake”

“Awake” is an introspective new hip-hop track from Luton, UK-based rapper Tayong. Delivered over a soulful instrumental, the lyrically conscious song features Conman Conrad. “Awake” finds Tayong pondering on issues ranging from racism to social change. Conrad’s soothing hook adds warmth to the moody track.

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The Poet, Havi x BatieBankRoll – “CASH TALK”

Out via Studio 88 is the track “CASH TALK” by Memphis artists The Poet, Havi and BatieBankRoll, with the former featuring the latter. The confidence-driven song is euphoric and braggadocious. Over a fun beat produced by DanceAlone, the two enumerate reasons why they are indomitable. “CASH TALK” is fresh, danceable and totally vibey.

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