5 awesome new songs inspired by ’80s synth-pop

INNR CIRCLE – “something called love”

Canadian alt-pop innovator INNR CIRCLE‘s latest release is an amazing track named “something called love”. With the production handled TJ Routon and Def Starz, this is a catchy tune taking inspirations from 80s synth-pop. The artist’s strong vocals glide smoothly over the upbeat track. “something called love” is an infectious singalong.

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Natalie Shay – “Medicine Boy”

“Medicine Boy” is the latest offering from emerging North London artist Natalie Shay. It is a feel-good pop cut carrying vibrant synths and additive melodies. Natalie’s sweet lyrics ensure the song is quite relatable, with her powerful vocals getting you to sing along. “The lyrics are written so that if I told you the whole song was about an addictive relationship, it would make sense. But if I also told you the whole song was about recreational drug use, every line would still make sense,” the artist explains.

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EXTRA EXTRA – “What’s Going On?”

EXTRA EXTRA is an new duo from Manila, Philippines, who’ve just unveiled their debut single. The song is called “What’s Going On?” and it’s an 80s-inspired R&B pop track carrying futuristic elements as well. Besides the music, “What’s Going On?” is also captivating lyrically, with the vocals being delivered with passion. EXTRA EXTRA is made up by ROBB!E (singer-songwriter) and Joseph Gregory (multi-instrumentalist/producer).

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Chackie Jam – “It Doesn’t Matter”

Making the listener dance is probably why Chackie Jam exists. The Belgian outfit recently dropped a new track called “It Doesn’t Matter” and it’s super-delicious. Made of analog synths, and imbued with 80s nostalgia, the song invites to your feet immediately it starts playing. “It Doesn’t Matter” is about being in love and enjoying every moment of that heightened feeling.

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Kenna – “Upside Down”

“Upside Down” is an uplifting and reassuring anthem from Nashville-based US artist Kenna. The pop track follows the success of her previous single, “Back Burner”. Lyrically, “Upside Down” is about being there for a loved one during tough times. Kenna remarks: “I hope that this song makes my listeners remember all of the love that exists in their lives. Love is found in many different places, and I believe that love is what can make us better and help the world go around. We all need each other in this very confusing, meaningful, challenging, unpredictable and beautiful life.

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