Meet Naiyango, the Germany-based artist with roots in Kenya

Naiyango is a Cologne-based singer who is currently working on her debut record after starting out as a guest vocalist on Callya’s LP ‘Vergessenes Feuer‘. An abandoned adoptee with roots in Kenya, she sings about love and loss, delicately reflecting her feelings about her biological background, considering that she had to move from country to country. Music gave her the power to combat such challenges head on.

She began by providing background vocals for local reggae singers in Cologne and by that time she went by the name Sista Lydia. After a successful tour through Austria, Germany and Czech Republic as a background singer for  the Jamaican singer Daddy Rings, she received positive response from the various audiences encouraging her to embark on her journey as a solo artist.

Naiyango’s album is set to be released in 2016. She is  currently recording and showcasing original songs at private concerts as well as in bars and cafés around Cologne.

Check her singles she did as “Sista Lydia” to get as glimpse of her talent, as we wait for her debut solo album.


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