How to Land more Gig Bookings as an upcoming musician

This article is based on a research by Tom Hess and details what not to do in an attempt to get more gigs.

Four Mistakes You Must Avoid

  1. You must not take the audience for granted. Putting up a great live show will ensure that the audience gets interested in you. In return, they will seek to connect with you on social media hoping that they will get constant information about your future gigs. Such an audience is likely to follow you everywhere. And its begins with giving an unforgettable experience. For a start, Lip-synced performance is a turn-off.
  2. You must not think that the performance is about you enjoying yourself doing it. In fact, the reality is that the audience wants to feel that you really value the time they have given you. You must strive to make them not regret this. Ensure that you engage them thoroughly.
  3. Not knowing how top differentiate yourself, or your band, from the others. It would be a gross mistake not to remember that there are many other artists who perform in that same venue and one may have a negative opinion about them. You must ensure that you set your branding right. If possible provide them with flyers about your brand or group and also you must dress unique so as to always leave a lasting impression.
  4. Do not forget to THANK them for the time listening to you and once the show ends and some of them finds your page and post on it, remember to engage them properly so that you forge a strong bond. This group of fans will stick with you always. You shall have provided them value.
  5. You must remember that it doesn’t stop with a good show, you must work hard to get more fans since all the above will ensure that the club/venue manager will trust you to provide entertainment for his/her customers.

What happens after you do your part correctly?

After building a fan-base over time, you will be able to build an influence in the entertainment spheres in your area and many clubs and promoters will be interested in doing business with you. Depending on how you build relationship with them, the promoters will begin to market you in other towns and that’s just how a superstar is created- by his/her own effort!



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