Some Top Luhya Musicians and Songs You Should Listen To

The most popular Kenyan songs are those sung in vernacular. Luhya, Luo, Kikuyu and Kamba languages boast of some of the greatest records in this category. This un-ordered article lists some of the most popular Luhya songs.

  • Steve Kay –“Mbe Omukhasi”
    Loosely translated to mean “Give me my wife, “Mbe Omukhasi” is a Luhya wedding song.
  • Steve Kay –“Ochukha Busie”
  • Steve Kay -“Bayudah”
    Coined from the biblical story of Judas Iscariot, the song advocates for an urgent need for Luhya Unity.
  • Wanjala Okumu -“Kutalang’i”
  • Samuel Namatete –“Endika”
    The song revolves around a man who eloped with another mans wife.
  • David Barasa of Juakali Band – “My Dear”
  • Wanyonyi Khatundi –“Euyo”
  • Sukuma Bin Ongaro –“Jirani Kuno”
  • Amos Barasa -“Bindu Bichenjanga”
    Pronounced as “vindu vichenjanga”, the song loosely means “things change” and gained popularity during 2017 Kenyan presidential campaigns.

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