Starlarker -“That Good Love” feat. Raven Reii & Beenie Man

Jamaican Dance-hall music heavyweight Beenie Man and Swedish singer-songwriter Raven Reii are featured on a new record, “That Good Love” by production duo Starlarker. This is the first single by Starlarker.

Raven, a multi-instrumentalist provides unique vocals that evoke sensuous emotions. Furthermore, with Grammy-winner Beenie Man brought in, the song leaps to international status.

“Flipping the good stuff to the world and stepping up the beat. Music is just that, you’ve got to respect the time we’re living in. We are really honest with each other when it comes to music production – Starlarker is just that – pure honesty, it’s about a good song, about contemporary songs which allow us to experiment and reach out and add that little magic, that is Raven and Beenie Man” ~ Francis of Starlarker

“Good Love” has elements electro and dancehall infused into a reggae tune. Listen to the song via Youtube.


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