Top 10 Music Blogs From Africa

Music blogs are increasingly becoming a major avenue for African people to consume music. With music streaming on a growth trajectory, music blogs have become even more influential and handy. These blogs can either embed music for streaming or upload tracks for downloads.

Aipate decided to rank the top 10 music blogs based in Africa. We considered relevance, influence and website ranking.

Below is the list;

1. Tooxclusive

Tooexclusive is a major music blog in Nigeria and covers a wide range of genres.

2. SlikourOnLife

Based in South Africa, SlikourOnLife is an urban and hip hop blog.

3. Zambianmusicblog

Zambianmusicblog, as suggested by its name, is based from Zambia although it has a pan-African approach.

4. NotjustOk

Notjustok features music, post new. It also allows users to upload content for free downloads.

5. Aipate

Well, Aipate features music from allover the world. It also provides industry insights.


As its name suggest, shares music with that Afropop sound.

7. AfricaMusicLaw

This blog has articles written from a legal and business standpoint, something that is beneficial to both musicians and industry stakeholders. Visit here.

8. MusicInAfrica

MusicInAfrica was created as a partnership with the Goethe Institut and is a very resourceful platform. They also have a section that holds profiles of industry stakeholders and professionals.

9. SA Hip Hop Mag

SA Hip Hop Mag features music, videos, news and also allow users to download South African hip hop records.

10. Likembe

Likembe is predominantly concerned with ‘world music’ by African musicians.

Well, I know you know other blogs that we haven’t included. You can drop them in the comments.

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