How to submit songs to Boomplay music streaming service

(Disclaimer: Songa is no longer available as a service).

Aipate has been talking about the onset streaming since 2016 (refer to this article). Today, we have full streaming services in Kenya.


Songa and Boomplay are already getting traction. The two brands are associated with Safaricom and Tecno, respectively. Users are able to subscribe then stream and download content via mobile apps and web.

We decided to inform you musicians on how to take their songs to both of the apps.

  • For Songa, you will have to visit their website here and sign up for an account. The administrators will then send you an email with your account details. In fact, you can either sign up as an artist, label, producer or songwriter.
  • For Boomplay, you will have to send an email to a given address before they give you the contracts to sign. The platform also comes with a web platform.

Both of this platforms allows for playlists, the industry’s new Holy Grail.

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  1. I want my music on you platform I need the direction and what its takes.I sing gospel music, I also need somebody to sigin me up.Thank you.


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