Submit Music/Video

Congratulations on learning about this Music Submit page on our blog. Aipate will feature or review your music if we find it’s good enough. We may even invite you for an interview. To ensure proper submission, please include in your submission the title, description, and the video URL. (Upload video to Youtube while audio should preferably be on Soundcloud, Waabeh or Mdundo). You can submit as many songs as you can.

By submitting your video and admitting content as yours, you are representing to Aipate that you have all necessary rights in the video to authorise us to quote you as owner on our blog. If you are submiting for as a fan or friend, please indicate content as for “Someone Else”.All video submissions will get proper credit if accepted.

NOTE: We do not upload your music on our platforms, we only share songs using the link you avail to us.


    • We will share it on our blog. Include a soundcloud since we are now indexed on HYPE MACHINE and a submission with soundcloud will be visible and stream-able on Hype machine website. (we will however not upload it in any platform.

  1. i just submitted my video/shortfilm. i found your site while randomly searching blogs. I first want to say i appreciate you guys, because for the variety of music. I checked out the african artist Efya and I watched like 4 of her videos already. Much respect for not trying to keep up with the mainstream. #respect I support

  2. I send you the song “Invocation”…but don’t see it on the site…so, would like to ask if you received the letter with the music. If you didn’t share it…can I ask the reason?

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