Listen to “N’essaye Pas” by Julie Slim & RendezVous

For lovers of Jazz music, French outfit Julie Slim & RendezVous have shared something that you will find particularly interesting. Titled “N’essaye Pas”, this piece was composed by Hugo King, who wrote it with lead vocalist Julie Slim in mind. Besides her, RendezVous band consists of Shawn Ellison (piano), Shirley Johnson (accordion), Phil Spencer (bass) and Joe McCreary (drums) and each of these musicians’ splendid input helped create a song that is quite enjoyable.

Julie Slim is multi-lingual and multi-cultural; she was raised in Lebanon but, besides Arabic music, she was also exposed to Western pop, folk and classical styles. Fast forward to her career as a musician, she has, together with her band RendezVous, released 2 EP’s and a full-length album.



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