HR The Messenger features Boutross in new song, “Trap Kanisa” [Video]

Kenyan rappers HR The Messenger and Boutross have a new song out called “Trap Kanisa”. The smooth track involves a bass-heavy, down-tempo beat over which each artist raps about his newfound success.

“The song was done last year, fresh after the (Unkut) awards. I made the beat with a member of my band, wanted to make a shrap song but with some soul in it. Hence the heavy bassline as opposed to the usual 808s. Wrote the verse when Boutross came through and he did his immediately.”

HR The Messenger

“Trap Kanisa” is not only soulful but also fun and lighthearted. This vibe is compounded by Nah Eeto‘s laidback bridge and Domani Mkadinali‘s harmonies.

HR produced the track himself and co-directed the accompanying music video with DJ Cray Intronix.


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