New Release Friday: 15 new songs out on August 28th

New Release Friday roundup returns with fresh music which mostly cover acoustic, electronic, pop, and dance music.

Sammy Rae & The Friends – “Living Room Floor”

New York-based singer-songwriter and multi-instrumentalist Sammy Rae has delivered her powerful new ballad, “Living Room Floor”. The track carries a beautiful instrumentation which is tuned down to ensure an ambient room for the artist’s affecting vocals. “‘Living Room Floor’ is a song about finding home and contentment in the present moment. Looking hopefully towards the future without discrediting the magic and importance of the present. It is a story-song recounting coming of age moments in the living rooms of apartments gone-by,” Sammy Rae explains.

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Dawson Gamble – “I Don’t Care”

“I Don’t Care” is a smooth indie-pop song by Canadian musician Dawson Gamble. Only on his third single, the artist has quickly captured the attention of new fans. For those who already knew him, that’s not surprising; his passion for music got him picking up the guitar from a very young age. Prior to this solo direction, Dawson had been a member of the band Chase. “I Don’t Care” is the title-track to an upcoming project he’s currently working on.

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Becky Hill – “Heaven On My Mind (Acoustic)”

UK singer-songwriter Becky Hill today unveils an acoustic version of her rapturous, Sigala-and-MNEK-featured song, “Heaven On My Mind“. Alongside it, the 26-year-old electronic/pop sensation shared a video that captures its live-session performance. The clip was filmed by director Dan Massie outside Alexandra Palace in London. This version adds another flavour to the composition. In creating it, Becky was supported by musicians Aaron Williams (keys), Adam Rust (guitar), Davina Shun (cello), Jennifer Coombes (violin) and her backing vocalists Paije and Lovelle.

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Vola Tila – “Space Out”

Swedish alt-pop duo Vola Tila (Johannes Henriksson and Richard Andersson) have just shared a new single titled “Space Out”. The dreamy ballad is an anthem for those who’d cherish the chance to escape their daily routines. Vola Tila explains, “when you space out you gain perspective. And it becomes clear that you are observing what you thought was reality, except now you are seeing it for what it really is. Sometimes it makes you feel like an alien and you just want some company.” The song is hypnotic, effervescent and psychedelic, all thanks to its creative instrumentation. “Space Out” is the first single being lifted Vola Tila’s upcoming debut album.

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Claire Frazier – “Emotion Sickness”

Following the success of her recent single “Thrills”, up-and-coming American artist Claire Frazier has returned with another one named “Emotion Sickness”. The song is about that unhealthy obsession with a bad experience or decision, with the lyrics vividly describing the difficulty in letting go. Claire’s delivery is so vulnerable that it makes the song even more relatable. “Emotion Sickness” was produced by Midi Jones, mixed by Erik Madrid and mastered by Chris Gehringer.

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LAYLA – “Blicke”

Berlin-based German artist LAYLA is coming with a sound so fresh! Her latest single “Blicke” is a flavourful concoction of R&B, rap and UK Garage. Sung in German, the song has a tasteful pop allure compounded by the singer-cum-rapper’s keen artistic style. It’s one to dance and vibe to.

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Faithless x Nathan Ball – “Synthesizer”

UK dance music outfit Faithless have just announced a new album, All Blessed. Scheduled for an October 23rd release, it will be their first record in a decade. The first single is the just-released “Synthesizer”. Filled with simmering synths and laidback grooves, the song has an irresistible allure. Says Faithless: “This is the track that got us thinking of doing a new album in the first place. A love letter to what we do and the music we make and also a little social commentary on our obsession with technology, musically all rolled into a big bold warm Faithless-y anthem. Inspired by Trevor Horn, Sparks, Jean-Michel Jarre and our own back catalogue!.” It comes side-by-side a futuristic video that befits the theme.

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VOWED x Lottie Woodward – “Headrush”

Paris-based French dance producer VOWED once again teams up with the label Panther’s Groove for his latest single, “Headrush”. Featuring melodic vocals of Lottie Woodward, the track has an uplifting vibe. Musically, it’s a hybrid between Bass and Future house and carries an atmospheric feel. “Headrush” is magnificent.

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Mr. Gnome – “Gold Edges”

Cleveland’s Mr. Gnome are inching closer to the release of their new album — The Day You Flew Away arrives on October 16 through El Marko Records. In the meantime, the husband-wife, alt-rock duo has unveiled a new single called “Gold Edges”. The euphoric song arrives in the heels another sublime piece, “Psychonaut”. While the two songs feel different, they carry’s Mr. Gnome’s signature flavour.

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Zayde Wølf – “Brand New Thing”

“Brand New Thing” is the latest single by Nashville-based artist and producer Zayde Wølf. It’s an inspiring song about discovering one’s inner giant. The track’s high energy will ignite the self-confidence necessary to achieve their potential. “Brand New Thing” is surely an anthem.

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Oh My Girl x Keanu Silva x Mougleta – “Rocket Ride”

K-pop band Oh My Girl are releasing their second single of 2020. Named “Rocket Ride”, the track saw them teaming up with German producer Keanu Silva. It also features Canadian-Lebanese vocalist Mougleta and came accompanied by an animated music video. “Rocket Ride” is definitely going to help extend the 7-member girl group’s fan-base.

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Dirty Radio – “Lose Ya”

“Lose Ya” is an invigorating new song by Canadian electronic duo DiRTY RADiO. Dropping on 604 Records, it’s a groovy dance tune laced with captivating pop melodies and smooth vocals. As per DiRTY RADiO, the song was written during their performance at the Great Escape festival in Brighton (UK). They say: “In between the hectic shows and crazy travel days, we managed to get creative in a beautiful house/studio situated in the hills on the outskirts of the city. We wanted to channel the feeling when you put everything on the line in a relationship (against all odds) to stay with the person you love the most.

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Chloe Lilac – “DOUCHEBAG”

Brooklyn-based pop sensation Chloe Lilac has released her second EP, DOUCHEBAG via Sony Music Entertainment’s RCA Records. Alongside the mini-album, she’s unveiled the self-shot visuals for the title-track, “DOUCHEBAG”. The punk-influenced song finds Chloe waving bye to an obnoxious ex. That unapologetic confidence can be felt throughout the EP. She summarizes: “As a young woman I’m so conditioned to just take what men give me and thank them for it. These songs on my EP are about empowering myself and my listeners to give them strength to manifest confidence. It’s for myself and for them. It’s both.

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Sam Louis – “Shiny”

Canadian pop singer and songwriter Sam Louis‘ next single “Shiny” has finally arrived. The record paired the professionally trained musician with New York engineer Mike Tucci. “Shiny” is about finding someone who boosts your confidence and help you become a best version of yourself. And, in true Sam Loius fashion, he created a track that perfectly balances lyrics, melodies and rhythms.

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Jaime Deraz – “For You”

With her latest song “For You”, emerging pop artist Jaime Deraz penned a piece about nursing a heartbreak. Her emotive lyrics paint the picture of a dejected girl, sipping her drink in the middle of the city as she reminisces about the good times she shared with her former lover. In between, she rues not reading the clear signs of trouble. “For You” is delivered over a lovely contemporary pop track.

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