New Release Friday: songs released on March 5

Time for another New Release Friday roundup and Spotify playlist update.

DREAMERS x Big Boi x UPSAHL – “Palm Reader’

Los Angeles-based alt-rock trio DREAMERS are treating fans to a new 5-track EP, Palm Reader. Leading the project is the bewitching title-track which features rapper Big Boi (of the legendary hip-hop duo Outkast) and rising star UPSAHL, each of whom contributes a tight verse. “Palm Reader” — the song — is so catchy and is held together by an infectious chorus. “‘Palm Reader’ is a song about an LA woman, adorned with all the crystals, sage, tarot cards and sacred intuitions,” explains lead singer Nick Wold. “I was almost poking fun at her when she said she could tell my fortune.. but then I realized while writing the chorus that maybe she can tell my future, since she decides it.

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SHY Martin – “Break With Me”

In the past year, most people have had to reflect on their lives. For SHY Martin, she got time to review her relationships and summed the resultant feeling into a song called “Break With Me”. Released alongside a music video which features clips of some moments with her friends, the song is about the separation anxiety and mixed emotions that arise when two people become strangers. “Break With Me” is the first song that the artist — and accomplished songwriter — is releasing on her new label SHY Recordings.

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Daddy NAT x Abhi The Nomad x Lonely Child – “Elders”

Austin, Texas-based artist Daddy NAT (born Nathaniel Ross Stewart) has returned with a stunning new single, “Elders”. Working with rapper Abhi The Nomad and producer Lonely Child, they created a beautiful mix of hip-hop and indie-rock. The track was mastered by Mike Bozzi. While “Elders” is musically euphoric, it’s introspective lyrically.

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Caity Gyorgy – “Secret Safe”

“Secret Safe” is a new vocal jazz piece from Toronto-based singer-songwriter Caity Gyorgy. Released via La Reserve Records, the track was picked up by two Spotify editorial playlists, that is, Vocal Jazz and Jazz X-Press (both carrying her face as the cover). Created together with Daniel Barta (alto saxophone), Jacob Wutzke (drums) and Felix Fox-Pappas (piano), the song is lively and warm, with Caity’s vocals particularly pleasing. “Secret Safe” is the lead single from the artist’s forthcoming EP titled Now Pronouncing: Caity Gyorgy.

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Robert Finley – “Souled Out On You”

Legendary blues/soul singer-songwriter and guitarist Robert Finly is gearing up for the releasing of his new album, Sharecropper’s Son (it arrives on May 21 via Easy Eye Sound). In creating the songs, he worked with producer Dan Auerbach — host of other veterans were also featured in the project. Today, March 5, he has shared the first single “Souled Out On You” and accompanied it with an excellently made music video. “‘Souled Out On You’ is the story of a relationship that’s ending,” Finley explained. “It’s about someone who takes on everything in the relationship. All the good and the bad and even after all of that, they notice that it just isn’t going to work out and the relationship has run its course. I took all I could take and I’m starting my life over.”

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Tim Gallagher – “Lost Without You”

Manchester-based singer-songwriter Tim Gallagher shares an elegant new song, “Lost Without You”. The love song is so affecting, thanks to the artist’s emotional lyrics and soulful vocals. It’s the last song being released by the Brit before he proceeds into a brief hiatus. He’s promised to provide more details on this decision soon.

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Le Boeuf x Abby Celso – “Lose Your Love”

Copenhagen-based producer Le Boeuf has teamed up with New York-born, LA-based singer-songwriter (and a former The Voice contestant) Abby Celso for a new love anthem. Named “Lose Your Love”, it’s a vibrant dance-pop tune with a lovely deep house groove. Celso’s confessional lyrics and heartfelt vocals will surely get the listener relating — and singing along too. “Lose Your Love” captures the vulnerability of holding onto love for the wrong reasons.

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Love Harder & RØRY – “The Love Songs”

“The Love Songs” is a new song pairing producer Love Harder with fast-rising singer-songwriter RØRY. Out on Ultra Music, the amazing dance-pop track is to be immediately followed by a music video (the visual will premiere on March 7 here). “The Love Songs” finds both artists at a time when their careers are about to shoot through the roof. While Love Harder did amass millions of streams last year, RØRY is hot off co-writing the hit “Post Malone” with Sam Feldt and is ready to supercharge her solo project.

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Freejak x Finchy x The Melody Men – “Lullaby”

UK electronic producer and DJ Freejak returns to Perfect Havoc (label) with a new single, “Lullaby”. Working with songwriting duo The Melody Men, he created this uplifting song that features London vocalist Finchy. “Lullaby” carries an addictive hook and, sonically, mixes various sub-genres of house music, meaning it should be welcome by most EDM fans. This release further advances Freejak’s steady rise.

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Nina Chuba – “Who Hurt You”

Berlin-based singer-songwriter and rapper Nina Chuba has unveiled a hard-hitting new single, “Who Hurt You”. Co-written and produced by her longtime collaborator Dillistone, the hip-hop song sees the 21-year-old addressing a ‘hater’. “‘Who hurt you’ is dedicated to that one kid who called me an industry whore in the comments of my first live performance ever,” Nina Chuba reveals. Through her articulate and unrelenting lyrics, she hits back with unmatched confidence. The artist continues to impress with her unique alt-pop style.

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Desta French – “Ojos Negros”

Desta French is an emerging artist from Camden, North London. Singing in both Spanish and English, her style carries influences from her Latin heritage. “Ojos Negros” is her latest single. It’s an engaging reggaeton-flavored track which Desta says is an ode to the “over dramatic and irrational way I process romance in it’s early stagesss, and then get over it really quickly most of the time“. The song follows her San Lazarus EP.

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The Sunshine State – “Dating a Drug Dealer”

Since her solo debut a few months ago, The Sunshine State (the new project by Skyler Stonestreet, an accomplished songwriter who’s penned for the likes of Hailee Steinfield and The Chainsmokers) has continued to keep the industry talking. Well, she’s just released an intoxicating new song called “Dating a Drug Dealer”. This is heartwarming pop/rock anthem and a certified earmworm. The track’s pop/rock rhythms are complemented by the artist’s catchy melodies. “Dating a Drug Dealer” is a bop.

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angel cara – “Forgiveness”

Moody, introspective but also quite refreshing musically. That’s perhaps the most suitable description for Luxembourgish artist angel cara‘s debut single “Forgiveness”. Heavy on melodies, the electropop track blends modern beats with classical elements. Lyrically, the young singer-songwriter looks into her traumatising past and seeks to derive healing from it. “Forgiveness” was produced by Tom Gatti and paired with a befitting music video.

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Carla Conrad – “Winterslane”

“Winterlane” is a new indie-folk/pop song from South African newcomer Carla Conrad. It’s the first single and title-track from an acoustic EP that the singer-songwriter is releasing soon. The cathartic song was written after her first experience with anxiety and ‘panic attacks’ and the journey it took her on. She says: “It represents how I am always going down ‘winterslane’ every few months regardless of the actual seasonal changes. And now I know that winter literally or figuratively speaking will always come and go…” Stream the song here.

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Jenny Kern – “Run”

Canadian-born New Yorker Jenny Kern has released a new indie-pop single, “Run”. It was produced by Andy Seltzer, Carson Cody and the artist, mixed by Matt Huber and mastered by Joe LaPorta. The follow-up to Jenny’s last song “Coming Back For Me”, it is lifted from an upcoming EP that she’s working on. “Run” is a vulnerable and evocative piece that the artist wrote about being along and having to deal with inner thoughts.

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Nari – “In Our Minds”

Nari is the moniker used by Berlin-based singer-songwriter Giovanna Castronari. After finding some success with her second single “Hearts”, the 22-year-old artist is back with a new song named “In Our Minds”. This is a beautiful piece with tender vocals, warm guitar melodies and an amazing horn section. Nari says about her the song “One small moment holds the power to create a gap in the continuum of space and time. Feeling complete and truly connected to another being, a piece of art or to nature, makes everything else seem meaningless and light years away. With the song ‘In Our Minds’ I try to capture this one seemingly minor moment in time through unfolding it’s overwhelming purity, ease and it’s endlessness.“

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Rumara – “Storm”

South London duo Rumara have debuted with an emotive song named “Storm”. It is an alternative-leaning electro-pop track with gripping vocals and layers of synths, strings and pop beats, all glued together by inviting harmonies. “Storm” is a proper representation of Rumara’s cinematic sound. The duo was formed in 2019 by vocalist Laura and producer Yujin. The name is derived from the Portuguese word ‘rumar’ which means ‘to move towards’ and points towards the dynamic nature of their sound.

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