New Release Friday: songs out on April 9th

This week’s New Release Friday playlist update is here. Below are some of the songs added to the playlist.

Catie Turner – “Mama”

A new song by singer-songwriter Catie Turner sees her paying tribute to her mum. Aptly named “Mama”, it arrives ahead of next month’s Mother’s Day celebrations. “I write too many songs about men who break my heart, so my mom deserves a song because she is the one there through it all,” says Catie. “This is my Mother’s Day present to her and all the other incredible moms out there.” She paired the heartwarming pop song with a beautiful visual directed by Alfredo Flores. “Mama” is the latest in her string of impressive singles.

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ChrisLee – “Flight Risk”

Los Angeles-based artist, songwriter and producer ChrisLee has returned with another great track. It’s a breezy yet emotional piece called “Flight Risk”. The song is about taking on life’s challenges with the one you love. There’s an irresistible summer vibe that you’ll definitely love. ChrisLee’s vocals and harmonies stand out over the melodic pop track.

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MOUNT x Emdey x Alessia Labate – “Boom Boom”

In creating his new single “Boom Boom”, Austrian producer MOUNT joined forces with German producer Emdey and Italian vocalist Alessia Labate. The result is an effervescent house track with an infectious touch of pop. Alessia’s sweet and melodic vocals complement the blasting instrumentation. “Boom Boom” will get the listener dancing and singing delightfully. It is such a bop.

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Pascal Junior x Bastien – “In My Mind”

London-based Romanian-born electronic producer Pascal Junior linked up with Bucharest-based singer/songwriter Bastien to create this summer-ready banger, “In My Mind”. With this one, Pascal went for a feel-good deep-house sound. On his part, Bastien did deliver strongly, giving the song its sing-along edge. “In My Mind” is out on Pascal Junior’s Epic Tones Records.

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Clay Pirinha – “The Way You Get”

“The Way You Get” is the latest release from Swiss DJ/producer Clay Pirinha. The future-house track carries a bewitching vocal and generally has a cross-over appeal. Its blasting synths combine with other elements to contribute to the inviting melody. “The Way You Get”is out via the Blanco y Negro Music label.

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RARIA – “Tired To Love You”

Melbourne pop newcomer RARIA has just unveiled her debut EP, Boys Who Broke My Heart. The 4-track project features the melodic new single, “Tried To Love You”. This song carries a sweet pop hook that will keep you mesmerized. About the EP, RARIA notes: “Boys Who Broke My Heart is an EP about the boys who bruised me emotionally and the lessons I’ve learned along the way. The past three years of my life have been such a transformational time. I’ve had my heart broken, questioned everything and had the rug pulled out from under me when I least expected it. At the same time, every event was an experience that helped shape me into the person and the artist I am right now. I’ve been opened up to new experiences and perspectives, I’ve been able to give myself closure when no one else could and I’ve been able to learn to love myself when I didn’t think I deserved it. So as much as they hurt me, I wanna say thank you. F**k you, but thank you.”

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Imani Graham- “Another Stupid Love Song”

Emerging American artist Imani Graham has shared yet another lovely piece. The melodious, piano-driven electro-pop song is called “Another Stupid Love Song”. It explores the moment when one considers moving on from a crush. 24-year-old Imani explains, “It’s about wanting them to notice you, but also the realization that you can’t wait forever for them to get it finally“. I just can’t get enough of this song.

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The Satellite Station – “Only Human”

“Only Human” by Ohio-based singer-songwriter and multi-instrumentalist The Satellite Station (also known as Travis Rue) is here. Out via alexrainbirdRecords, the indie-pop track is laced with the artist’s signature folks style. It is about how hard it can feel sometimes just being human… whether things are good or bad. The song is both evocative and uplifting. It feels deeply inspired.

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Azure Wolf – “Black Fur”

Azure Wolf is an American indie-rock outfit from Winchester, Virginia. The Victoria Backle-led 4-piece band has just dropped a new single called “Black Fur”. It is a thematically dark song talking about prostitution and the struggle to disassociate from traumatic experiences, with ‘black fur’ representing the moment of disconnection and becoming someone else. This track is the first of four singles Azure Wolf will be releasing before they unveil their first full-length album.

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Hamish Anderson – “Morning Light”

Australia’s Hamish Anderson has a new song out called “Morning Light”. The 29-year-old singer-songwriter and guitarist co-produced the track (remotely) with LA-based tracksmith David Davis. “Morning Light” is an indie-rock track whose sound is inspired by 70s aesthetic. It generally has a happy and positive vibe.

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Georgia Cécile – “Always Be Right”

Georgia Cécile is in a special list of the new artists pushing the jazz envelope in the UK. The singer-songwriter has just unveiled a new single, “Always Be Right”. It is a soulful song that blends an array of live instruments. Overall, “Always Be Right” is joyous and uplifting. The music was accompanied by a great music video.

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Paige Warner – “Liquor”

Canadian singer Paige Warner has released a bluesy pop song named “Liquor”. The smooth, down-tempo track was produced by Josh Polasz. Written by Paige herself, it’s a moody, personal piece. The song looks at the difficulty in dealing with post-abuse trauma. “Liquor” was produced and promoted with funding from Region of Waterloo Arts Fund.

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Emily Clair – “Drive Me Home”

Canadian country singer Emily Clair is sharing a new single, “Drive Me Home”. She co-wrote the song with Doug Folkins and producer Shawn Moore. “Drive Me Home” is an sultry expression of one’s desires, with the artist’s delivery particularly passionate. Musically, it sees Clair taking inspiration from her rock roots to create something that sounds fresh.

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Abigail Rose – “out of my hands”

Nashville native Abigail Rose‘s star is shining increasingly brighter. The singer and songwriter is back with an impressive new song, “out of my hands”. It’s a shimmering electro-pop track featuring moving vocals and captivating harmonies. “out of my hands” is about letting go of the things you can’t control, be it getting older, what the future holds or other people’s emotions. Abigail wrote it last year during lockdown.

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Daniyel – “Don’t Judge”

Daniyel is back with a new single and video, “Don’t Judge”. The R&B/hip-hop song came paired with a cinematic video directed by the artist himself. “Don’t Judge” showcases his mastery of the contemporary rap music. “My inspiration for the song came from me being on social media too much and thinking how we put ourselves out there to be judged by the world daily. Now you can say the worst shit to someone without seeing the effect,” states Daniyel. The track was released via CORTAN Records / EMPIRE.

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Alina Smith – “Hollywood Heart”

Alina Smith continues to advance her solo career as she releases a new song, “Hollywood Heart”. She wrote performed and produced it herself, showcasing to her all-round abilities. The song talks about the feeling of insecurity that artists sometimes experience when their art i not being given proper attention or appreciation. Sonically, “Hollywood Heart” exists at the boundary of pop, R&B and hip-hop. The heavy 808s find harmony with the acoustic guitars.

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Beren Olivia – “Is That What You Like Now”

Fast-rising alt-pop artist Beren Olivia makes music that easily gets you obsessed. The 22-year-old’s newest single is called “Is That What You Like Now”. Produced by Dylan Bauld, the track carries traces of pop/rock. “Everyone at some point has stalked their ex online. They’ve found someone new and against your better judgment you’re making comparisons between yourself and their new partner. ‘Is That What You Like Now’ is about seeing that new person as your complete opposite down to the smallest details – “I see you’re moving on from brown to blue eyes. I guess you’re liking blonde that’s not like mine” and the doubts it casts over your whole relationship,” Olivia remarks.

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