New Release Friday: songs out on May 7th

New Release Friday playlist now up-to-date. Below are some of the songs in this this week’s roundup.

Niia x Girl Ultra – “If I Should Die”

Los Angeles-based singer, songwriter, and multi-instrumentalist Niia has announced a new EP titled If I Should Die. Scheduled for a June 4th release, its title-track is out now. “If I Should Die” features Mexico City-based artist Girl Ultra. With awesome grooves and honeyed vocals, the dreamy R&b/pop is carefully crafted. It came paired with a lovely visual.

<<Find Niia and Girl Ultra on Instagram>>

DØ CHEF DØ x Ace Rosewall – “Shyboi”

Danish EDM quartet DØ CHEF DØ have released a new track, “Shyboi”. Singer-songwriter Ace Rosewall lent his vocals on it. “Shyboi’ is a euphoric, pop-inflected tune that showcases the four Aarhus-based DJ/producers’ new sound. It is the first single from their upcoming EP which is set to drop via Universal Music Denmark.

<<Find DØ CHEF DØ and Ace Rosewall on Instagram>>

ELI – “Lover”

“Lover” is the second single from London artist and musician ELI. The self-produced track’s instrumentation involves a mix of enchanting percussion, beautiful guitar melodies and smooth vocals and harmonies. Besides the captivating sound, “Lover” is lyrically engaging. The song metaphorically explores empowerment and heartbreak.

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Jafunk x Dana Williams x Mike Nasa – “Weekend Love”

Perth native Jafunk has shared a new song, “Weekend Love”. The single saw the Berlin-based Australian producer collaborating with soul singer Dana Williams and rapper Mike Nasa, both hailing from the US. “Weekend” is generally a disco-funk track whose sound is both 80’s-esque and modern. Dana and Mike deliver strongly and I couldn’t help but sing along.

<<Find Jafunk, Dana Williams and Mike Nasa on Instagram>>

N.A.O x Aprile – “Like I’m Over This”

French indie/dance-pop musician N.A.O has dropped a new track, “Like I’m Over This”. It features Belgian singer Aprile on vocals. The song has an alluring nu-Disco flavor and carries one hell of a hook. Both artists brought their A-game while making this record. Effectively, it’s guaranteed to get heads nodding.

<<Find N.A.O and Aprile on Instagram>>

Kharfi x Mattak x Byron Juane x Talia Stewart – “Tell Her”

Milan-based DJ/producer Kharfi has shared a new dance-pop song, “Tell Her” via Glasse Factory. The summery track features Mattak, Byron Juane and Talia Stewart. It is an urban-leaning tropical-flavoured jam created to get the listener dancing. The song is delivered in both Italian and English.

<<Find Kharfi, Byron Juane and Talia Stewart on Instagram>>

Kid Travis – “Insomnia”

Kid Travis is back with a new track, “Insomnia”. Built around an awesome guitar groove, the song is embellished with melodic elements. Kid’s vocals ooze emotion, adding to the song’s relatability. In “Insomnia”, the singer addresses a woman she’s smitten by. He delivers the song with utmost honesty.

<<Find Kid Travis on Instagram>>

Little Sis Nora – “MDMA”

“MDMA” is the latest song from Swedish pop artist Nora Ekberg, who goes under the moniker Little Sis Nora. The track is energetic, upbeat and EDM-influenced. With top-notch production and playful lyrics, the song feels so addictive. Nora created a colorful video to accompany it.

<<Find Little Sis Nora on Instagram>>

Drist – “Dancing In The Flame”

Drist is a DJ and producer from Poland. Making a unique brand of house music, the artist continues to build a loyal following. His latest effort is a single entitled “Dancing In The Flame”. As a new listener, this song gives you a taste of Drist’s production style. I also bet you’ll love the warm vocals.

<<Find Drist on Instagram>>

Hunter Falls – “FAME”

“FAME” is the newest single from rising Belgian musician Hunter Falls. It’s an upbeat pop track with a glossy production. In true Hunter Falls fashion, the singer-songwriter keeps you captivated with his passionate delivery. About the song, he says, “The song is about having to make a devastating decision between the things you love the most. In this instance, I had to stay in the studio for months on end to work, which weighed down on my relationship with my loved ones. My whole life I had been chasing for a life of fame, but love certainly had made things complicated…

<<Find Hunter Falls on Instagram>>

Tobias Dray x Charlie Powers – “Twice”

Parisian DJ, producer and multi-instrumentalist Tobias Dray has revealed a new single. Named “Twice”, it features vocals of Charlie Powers. The song is about the complex dynamics of a relationship. It was released alongside a stunning music video.

<<Find Tobias Dray and Charlie Powers on Instagram>>

Dani Doucette – “Craved”

Toronto’s very own Dani Doucette is serving nostalgia in form of her new single, “Craved”. The neon-loving and disco-tinged pop track is a whole vibe. In writing it, Dani worked with Thomas McKay. She remarks, “While writing this song and working on harmonies we had MJ and Britney vibes that we were feeling. I remember Thomas and I just knew we had made something special.”

<<Find Dani Doucette on Instagram>>

SM1LO – “About You”

New Jersey-based production duo SM1LO return with another of their vocal-driven jams. The EDM/pop track is called “About You” and it’s a romance-hinged piece with a generally feel-good vibe. Both energetic and melodic, you will be singing and dancing along to this. “About You” arrives on the Total Smash label.

<<Find SM1LO on Instagram>>

Bodega Bamz – “So Supreme”

Harlem, New York emcee Bodega Bamz is unleashed. Armed with great lyricism and personality, he makes music that speaks directly to the listener. His newest single “So Supreme” encapsulates this creative approach. The inspiring song talks about coming from nothing and becoming somebody, dealing with social issues and overcoming adversity.

<<Find Bodega Bamz on Instagram>>

M’Lynn – “You Should Know, Pt. I”

Dallas, Texas singer-songwriter M’Lynn has just released a marvelous new single called “You Should Know, Pt. I”. It’s a pop/soul song that reminds us exactly how talented she is. “You Should Know, Pt. I” is an emotional piece and M’Lynn delivers it with fiery passion. Her evocative vocals wil melt surely your heart.

<<Find M’Lynn on Instagram>>

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