The Vindys release a new album; listen to Bugs

The Vindys have released a magnificent new album titled Bugs.

Who are The Vindys? They are an American 5-piece from Ohio. The pop-rock band is fronted by soulful singer Jackie Popovec, whose immaculate vocals and charming personality is complemented by the brilliance of the musicians surrounding her, that is: John Anthony (guitar), Ed Davis (drums), Matt Jackson (bass) and Rick Deak (guitar).

Musically, Bugs is an exhibition of The Vindys’ genre-blurring approach. You’ll notice influences from soul, indie rock and electronic pop. Highlighted above is the title-track, a groovy track that typifies the band’s style.

“The title track Bugs has both literal and symbolic meanings for me personally. Songwriting for me is therapeutic in the sense that I tend to memorialize the things that “Bug” me through song, and I let it go once it’s written. In a literal sense, there was the one time that I had discovered thousands of yellow jackets living in my ceiling right above my bed. If I hadn’t called The Bee Man (a Youngstown beekeeper) to come the next day, the weight of the hives they made in the ceiling would have fallen and it could’ve been very dangerous. This event inspired the song and later the title of the album.”

Jackie Popovec

Stream Bugs and connect with The Vindys on Instagram.

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