HIRIE unveils “Youniverse” video featuring Arise Roots

Hawaiian reggae songstress HIRIE‘s latest effort saw her team up with Californian band Arise Roots. It is a spiritually conscious and powerful song named “Youniverse” and was released on Controlled Substance Sound Labs. Hans Boysen directed the accompanying music video, which is as magnificent and moving as the concept of the song itself.

HIRIE explains, “‘YOUniverse’ is an all-encompassing song, marrying the past, present and future into one. Energy is not lost: your ancestry, your purpose and the purpose of those who came before you encircle the Universe indefinitely. Hence, ‘YOUniverse’ is a message to those who know they are here — not by chance, but by master design. So, stay firm, rooted and move forward knowing that you were brought into the ‘YOUniverse’ with intention.

Watch the video, embrace the lyrics and follow the artists on Instagram:

HIRIE || Arise Roots


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