Stream Tobi Adey’s new 2-song EP, The Summer I Woke Up

Born in Nigeria and raised in the UK, Tobi Adey is a vocally gifted singer who make R&B/soul music with a Gospel inclination.

The artist has a new two-track EP called The Summer I Woke Up. It carries “Get Ready” and “You Will”.

The EP was just a testimony and message put into the form of song, just another means to share the precious and important Gospel of Jesus Christ,” explains Adey. “It’s a call to attention to look beyond the present moment we all are living in because one day the Lord will come back. Get ready is the message of the return of Christ and You will is a testimony and message of the love of Christ. Both consistent with the scriptures and are layered over guitar.”

The solemn songs bring to the fore Tobi’s powerful voice and inspired songwriting. Listen to “Get Ready” and “You Will” and connect with the artist on Instagram.


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