Get to know Kimi Stär as the duo releases “Bodies”

Kimi Stär are a new duo made up by indie house producer/vocalist ZOSIA and pop singer-songwriter Kaitlyn Kaerhart. Their sound sits at the intersection between electronic and pop music.

Their second single “Bodies” leans towards the alternative. It’s upbeat yet emotive.

The duo says “‘Bodies’ is about the struggle of a breakup. We’ve all been with someone not right for us, yet we stay with them longer than we should because they have magic. When we finally try to leave, every little thing reminds us of our ex. And when we close our eyes every memory haunts us of them. We think we’re doomed until one day we find the courage to move on, finally being able to breathe again.

From the vocals and production, “Bodies” is an amazing tune.

Find the artists on Instagram.


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