Pop music roundup: 10 songs to listen to right now

Our latest pop music roundup is dominated by newcomers who are worth keeping tabs on. Listen and consider adding the songs to your playlist.

Renao – “Moonwalking”

Last week, quick-rising Indian-born, London-based singer-songwriter Renao delivered the single “Moonwalking”. It’s an infectious synth-driven alt pop cut sonically inspired by the ’80s. With slick production and dreamy vocals, the glossy track is so addictive that I have had it on repeat. “Moonwalking” offers another showcase of Renao’s amazing talent, something which he’d already exhibited on his debut EP, From The South.

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Emei – “Trust Issues”

Emei‘s rise has been nothing short of meteoric. The LA-based Chinese-Americana artist is back with another lovely pop track. Called “Trust Issues”, the song navigates what it feels like to grow up and the realization that there’s no way to rely on yourself through it all. Like her songwriting, the singer’s delivery is quite captivating. “Trust Issues” was produced by Myles Avery and Jordan Lewis.

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Sleeping Lion – “CTFO”

Pop duo Sleeping Lion recently shared their second single of 2022. The song is called “CTFO”. It is taken from the Los Angeles-based band’s upcoming new EP. “CTFO” dives into a relationship plagued by constant fighting: one where one party just wants a little break from the toxicity. It’s such an anthemic tune.

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Natalie Carr – “Wasted Potential”

“Wasted Potential” is the latest offering from Charlotte-based US singer Natalie Carr. The bubbly, fun-loving song has since been accompanied by a playful music video. From Natalie’s witty lyrics to the track’s bouncy production, “Wasted Potential” is so good. Speaking about it, the rising artist comments, “I wrote ‘Wasted Potential’ about no longer caring about living up to society’s expectations through the lens of a dysfunctional relationship. In the hook I write, ‘we’ll always be broke and we’ll always be late, I’m a piece of s* without a 401k.’ It’s a playful take on making people upset whose opinions probably shouldn’t matter in the first place

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YAZ – “Anymore”

Yaz is a super talented singer and songwriter from North West London. The young artist’s debut single “Mr Valentine”, released back in February, was an instant hit, garnering over 2.5 millions streams on Spotify alone. Well, Yaz is back with her second offering. This one is called “Anymore” and, alongside it, came a stunning visual. With its high BPM, “Anymore” sounds so fresh.

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Fiona Grey – “Boyfriend Talk”

Singer Fiona Grey released a new EP, Lover Boy, at the beginning of this month. Out on Wehearnoise Records, the project includes three tracks, each with its live version. You will hear love being explored from different perspectives. Lead single “Boyfriend” is particularly enthralling. Grey notes, “‘Boyfriend Talk’ is a break-up song for the kind of relationships that felt more like rollercoaster rides….and not in a fun way! I wrote the song while grieving a relationship with someone who couldn’t commit. It was written in the tour van while on a North American tour only a couple of weeks after the breakup. It’s the kind of heartbreak song that makes you wanna put on a sexy outfit and roll your eyes.

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Gavriel – “Here’s to Coping”

American singer-songwriter and multi-instrumentalist Gavriel has released a new album titled Extrovert. Among the LP’s nine tracks is “Here’s to Coping”. This is a heartfelt indie-pop ballad featuring UK-based songwriter & producer Bad Milk. “Here’s to Coping” carries poignant lyrics and emotive vocals. As a whole, the album is beautifully crafted.

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Katelyn Butcher – “Angel on my shoulder”

With her newest release “Angel on my Shoulder”, Katelyn Butcher served up an utterly gripping piece. Carrying elements of dark-pop, the track unravels a familiar struggle. “This song means a lot to me its about trying to find the good in all the bad and the struggle of picking the good over the bad in today’s world,” explains Katelyn. “Angel on my Shoulder” follows the artist’s “I Miss You, But I Don’t” single. Katelyn Butcher is a new artist who has already captured the attention of listeners and the industry alike with her first few singles.

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Ziggy Stry – “All the Way”

Ziggy Stry is an exciting newcomer. About a fortnight ago, the Portland-born, Los Angeles-based singer and musician delivered the song “All the Way”. This vibey indie-pop song captures the thrilling feeling of falling in love. So catchy, it’s characterized by driving drums and shimmering production. “All the way” was mixed by Thomas Warren and released on GROUPCHAT Records.

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amilost – “Pillowside”

The arrival of the single “Pillowside” marks the debut for Norwegian-British alt-pop trio amilost. “Pillowside” was released on digital platforms via MADE Records (there’s also a performance version/video available). amilost consists of three friends Sigrid Zeiner-Gundersen (vocals), Ross Craib (drums), and Charlie Fowler (bass). “We want other people to channel their pain and their questions through listening to our songs,” Sigrid says, continuing, “‘Pillowside’ is about escapism and living through your imagination when things are tough…imagining something better.”

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