Some Top Luo musicians whose Songs you should listen to

Though there are different genres associated with Luo music like Benga, Ohangla, Rhumba, Afro-fusion and the likes, the musicians have always strive to be at the top of the music game. By Luo music, I mean those music sang partly or fully in Dholuo, and not musicians who are from the Luo tribe. There are artists who I can say are popping hot and you should try and get a hold of their music. Some are seasonal while others are relatively new. The list is un-ordered just to say…


Ayub Ogada

His “koth biro” songs has been covered more than 20 timesallover the world and was used as a movie soundtrack for “The Constant Gardner”, the 2005 Hollywood shot in Kenya. He recently released an new album, “Kodhi“, with Trevor Warren and it was reviewed in the Gurdian and Financial times.

The following is a rendition done by a Swedish vocal quartet known as Andetag

Madanje Perimeter

Does rhumba with most notable song being, “Elector Nyarkano”

Johnny Junior

Arguably the biggest name in Luo rhumba with many hit singles and albums.

Lady Maureen

Female Ohangla queen who does contemporary music and has done a song about KPL giants, Gor Mahia.

Dolla Kabarry

Has come back to the top after years of silence and still does his benga beat. He recently launched a new album.

Prezda “Igwe” Bandasson

“Nyisuba” one of his best creations and he has brought some his music videos lifestyle-centrist approach.

Onyango Alemo

The guy who gave us “Kuche  kuche” and “tho luro” which became club hits., he is still in it.

Otieno Aloka

“Kanungo is one song that you must have heard wherever you are in this country. Its one of the top songs of both 2014 and 2015.

Emma Jalamo

He is not old in the game but the guy has come up with a unique Ohangla sound that takes him at par with the rhumba musicians as old fork and young people alike listen to his music with zeal. His new album, “Sherry” is a master piece with hits like “Wivu mbaya”


Tony Nyadundo

He is a seasoned musician who has traveled wide with his Ohangla beat which spread across the country like bush fire.

Osogo Winyo

He has taken a low profile of late, musically, but he has some of the best Ohangla sounds of this decade.


The artist signed to Ketebul music is known worldwide with a brands that precedes him as he is commonly known as the Ohangla man.

Suzzzana Owiyo

She is one of thefirst female artists to fuse the Nyatiti beat with modern fusion and with songs like “Kisumu 100”, she still remains so relevant in the industry that her new song, “wamiel” is doing quite fine.

Anyango, Nyatiti Diva

The Nyatiti Diva from Japan who came to Kenya and learnt Luo and some Swahili and is now representing Luo music to the world. She has won awards back home in Japan for her nyatiti sound.


Awilo Mike and Jamnazi Band

Jamnazi band includes Awilo Mike and Milton Ongoro Jakarachuonyo and the band gave us songs like “am not sober” and “riziki” which are still hits right now.



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