Dola Kabarry is back… and with a new website

Dolla Kabarry was a popular benga musicians in the early 2000’s but went into a hiatus, however, his music has still been playing on radio. Now, he’s decided to come back, rejuvenated to tackle the industry. And he is evidently much more experienced as he goes in the books as one of the few Luo musicians with a website. If you do not know him already, you can read his biography below, courtesy of his website.


Kevin Omondi Migot well known for his stage name Dola Kabarry was born in Siaya County in Kenya, in October 1982. He is married to his lovely wife, Consolata Janet Kabarry who has played a major role in his life supporting him in his Music career. They have a company which they use to do their business, CONSKOM LIMITED, where his wife is the Chief Excecutive Officer.
At his tender age, he joined his father’s band, Bondo Super Stars in 1996. Due to the urge to get experience as well as exposure, he moved out of his father’s band one year later and joined Victoria International Band which was led by brother Charlie.

Following his father’s demise in 1998, he had to leave Victoria international Band to go back and rejoin his father’s band. Due to internal wrangles in the band, Dola had to quit the band and
spent two years honing his skills under the tutelage of some of Kenya’s most notable benga maestros. These include The Late Ouma Jerry of Les Victoria C band, CK Dumbe Dumbe of
the Late George Ramogi, and Heka Heka Band of The Late Okatch Biggy.

While in Heka Heka Band, Dola managed to record his very first song, Baby Atoti which was a strong hit and escalated him in the competitive market arena. After the release of this track, his
stay in the band was not smooth any longer due to little disagreements since they felt he was being a threat to the band and even denied him some of his rights. He tried joining other bands
which was not easy as well since the public always demanded for his perfomance, something that was not welcomed by the band owners. This inspired Dola to pull out and create his own band.

In 2001, Dola Kabarry ventured out on his own and started his band, Orchestra Super Haki Haki Stars. Wasting no time at all, Dola was quick to release a quick succession of hit songs:
Sella, Pamela Atoti, among others. This quickly catapulted him to star status among the benga fraternity. In 2003, Kabarry was voted “singer of the year” by the Music Composers Association, the
award was shared with Suzzana Owiyo. He won the “Western benga” category at the 2006 Kisima Music Awards and was nominated in 2007. His collaboration song with hip hop group
Deux Vultures, “Adhiambo C” was also nominated for Kisima Award.

After establishing himself as a formidable force in the young generation of benga artistes in Kenya, Dola took his act to the United States of America in 2008. He toured the USA for an
extensive 3-month period, and then proceeded to Europe for a month. During this period in USA, he perfomed his track “Change the World” which was a dedication
to US president Barack Obama, who was then a presidential candidate.

In his song, Suda Mpya (New Sudan), Dola actually released this track before Sudan signed the Peace Accord, which was a prophesy that came to pass. On the twist of events, The late John
Garang De Mabyor got moved by this song and requested to meet Dola Kabarry by sending his boys to book an appointment with Dola, something he eagerly looked forward for, but just two
weeks to this appointment, The Late Garang De Mabyor passed away in a plane crash thus his dream to meet The First President Of Southern Sudan was thwarted.

Dola is one of the busiest performing musicians in Kenya, maintaining a constant weekly schedule that sees him entertaining his fans at different venues in Kenya.

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