Major Local and Regional Music Streaming and Download services in Kenya

It is 2016 and the music Industry has come to terms with the fact that streaming music is here to stay as most consumers are getting information about music while online. With high mobile growth being recorded and Kenya is one of the most internet-connected country in Africa, mobile apps that stream music continue to grow fast. A good number are still using desktop platforms too. So we decided to give a review of major streaming and download services in Kenya, though we did not order them. We are doing this to help the artists and managers to know which platform is best for their music. Remember, that upcoming artists should focus on more local services due to a localized fan-base.
The Tanzanian-based service offers both free and paid downloads with the ability of users to preview tracks before buying.
co-founded by Kenya’s Tim Rimbui, the platform provides a good user experience
Arguably the best streaming service in Africa and is based in Africa and so most top Kenyan artists with regional fan-base use it. The likes of Sauti Sol are already topping the download charts in the platform.
Is another service which offers digital distribution deals selected artists while their platform for music and videos
This is a new service and it offers free streaming but the users have to pay to download music. It does not have so many artists signed up at the moment but
is a web based service and has both streaming and download features.
A blog based streaming and download website that focuses on urban music
So take your time and find out the best service for your music, and it is recommended that you take distribute your places in many places as possible if you are an upcoming artist since this will help market you . More established musicians are comfortable with few but well paying platforms.

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