Hold Up! Let’s Talk Kenyan Fans.


Okay,  before you get all riled up about it, I’m pretty sure I’m going to make valid points. It’s what I do.  I make sense. Here I go… down this slippery slope.

Kenyans are known for many things. Running, the wildlife and safaris but the music? Not yet. Not quite. Octopizzo even once said, on the record, that the only thing people know about Kenyans out there are the Tergats.

Adding onto that very short list, to some extent maybe Kenyans are known for their ruthlessness (if need be) on Twitter (KOT)? This has been seen in the numerous Kenyans vs Ugandans, Kenyans vs. Tanzanians and even Kenyans vs. Nigerians. Which takes me to the next level.

Just how do we Kenyans compare to Nigerians musically. Yes I’ve heard the discussion, play less Nigerian and South African music and more of Kenyan no matter how bad it is. The…

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