Review of Illegal Music 3 by M.I


I’ve had Illegal Music 3 for a while now. I’m not really sure what made me not review the tape sooner but as they say, everything happens for a reason.In this case I’m not sure what reason but let’s go with that , cool?


Today’s weather has been quite unpleasant, I’m really late to work and traffic isn’t exactly nice to me either. So as I was going through my playlist I thought hey, let me remind myself what this tape is like. I know the cover says that you need to listen to the tracks in order but I’m not very good at taking instructions so  I started with The Box which is one of my fave records on this tape.


M.I’s message is simple. Don’t be afraid to experiment with life. You’re gonna win sometimes and it’s also very likely that you’re going to lose somewhere as well…

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