Most Kenyan Artists are mindless of what their Audience want

By Evelyne Okado

Kenyan music can generally be said to be good, however, there are a few artists who are too lazy to compose good music. They often sing about booze, women and money; issues that most people don’t really consciously relate to. They appear to live in the moment and are comfortable just because their music got media airplay for only two weeks upon release. Its like they don’t want to admit that they are wrong.

Surviving in music industry is all about talent and good business acumen but the business side seems to be superseding talent, leading to a situation where anyone with a good amount of money could become an artist over a short period. Still, very few Kenyan musicians are willing to invest in quality production. Some produce audios with awful beats and videos that leave much to be desired. Worse still, and in most cases, the songs are always devoid of message to the prospective audience.

The pioneers in music did us proud. They didn’t produce the best videos, largely due to constrained resources and poor technology at that time, but we always look forward to Throwback Thursdays so that we can nostalgically listen to their songs.

All said, its kudos to those who give us quality music at the expense of low media coverage. Let’s keep it Kenyan….. 100%.

good music

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