You might have not watched Makadem’s Mganga Mkuu, so you should

makadem mganga mkuu

You might not have watched Makadem‘s Mdundo Mkuu video. Just spend a few minutes on this song (probably on repeat) and do thank me later.

Makadem says this about Mdundo Mkuu:  Mganga Mkuu is Swahili for “great healer”. In this case, it’s metaphorically about me as a musician with prowess, just like Gor Mahia himself the legend. When you’ve got magic, everything goes!

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  1. […] Makadem marked the return from his 2018 European tour in style yesterday as her performed at Ankole Grill in Nairobi’s Kilimani area. This was part of the restaurant’s weekly live showcase, Ankole Acoustic Wednesdays. The musician (also known as the Ohanglaman), sang with his Nyatiti and guitar, and was supported by Reuben Besa (base guitar) and Boaz Jagingo (percussion and backup vocals). Boaz Jagingo is an artist in his own right and one whose Ohangla-flavoured “Kanonge remix” is a great record that is reminiscent of Benga‘s goden era. […]


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