Listen to “Tengo”, taken off Lynette Williams’ Love Thee, Not Chaos EP

Have you heard tengo, a single of Lynette Williams’ Love Thee, Not Chaos EP? I thought you should. The project is her second EP and all the songs were written, produced, and recorded by Lynette in her living room-yea, you heard me right. Okay, before you yell (or rather sigh) how that is so amateurish, I will surprise you further. The EP cover is a photo from Instagram account that she took of herself with no “Photoshop work” or filters and so you would think that the music in it is not worth your time, right? Listening to tengo will will make you regret any negative attitude that would have otherwise stopped from listening to the magic that this song sparks.

Lynette says that the project is an homage and love story between technology and art. And clearly, there is no auto-tune and she played all the instruments and provided all the vocals herself. Any imperfection you may notice (only if you got her rather more polished first EP), will be compensated by the raw feeling of love. It is an expression of her experiences in love, heartache and the sad goodbyes while also, in the process, giving her own definition of Savage. And you can listen to savage too.

This is the full EP. Stream and leave feedback.

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