Vilde- High Horse [with lyrics]

Stockholm-based, Swedish artist Vilde has released a new jam high horse. He is working on a twelve-tack album and has been releasing new music monthly since October last year. all these songs will be part of that album, which will be is debut. Listen to High Horse.

And the lyrics….

i’m indebted to the peace, play the same tune on repeat

i will do anything you do

facade in a facade, in between two mirrors

eternally holding ideas


I won’t let it back again now

pale in the eyes of the dying

i’d have said it hourly since

heresy had lead to abundance


any thought surrounded by force, something i did

tunnel blues, forever echo with the heels of my shoes

hearty breakfast, anything to deal with the loss

fatty patties, contribute all the wealth to the lost souls


Drop a thought,comment,reaction or criticism.i will appreciate.....

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