Stoop Kids to release Better Left Unsaid single


Stoop Kids’ sound is an eclectic mix of soul, hip-hop, surf, jazz, and rock with a psychedelic aftertaste. This, combined with their high-energy, theatrical, performances, makes Stoop Kids unpredictably unique.

They are preparing to release “Better Left Unsaid” the seventh out of eight singles in their year long project.

Stoop Kids: “This song, reminiscent of recent Drake records, albeit with an indie rock edge not heard in typical trap music, defies their previous singles both in style and lyrical content. The slow-burning hip-hop track features intricate high hats, syrupy sax licks and auto-tuned vocals lamenting the nature of relationships and intimacy for the musician on the road and how one’s intentions or true feelings are almost always Better Left Unsaid.”

Get to listen to their previous release “tahoe” as we wait the song to drop in 2 days.


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