Top 10 OCTOPIZZO Songs

octopizzo pull up video

Octopizzo is one of Kenya’s greatest Hip Hop artists. So we decided to rank top 10 songs by the Kibera rapper. We based the list on song lyricism, relevance and its reception by fans.

Heres the List:
10. Prezidential [LDPC album]

9. Bila Mic [ChocolateCity album]

8.Tergat Gang ft. Barak Jacuzzi & Boutross [Single]

7. Vile Inafaa Ft. Muthoni Drummer Queen [Chocolate City Album]

6. Salute Me ft. M.I [LDPC album]

5. Something For You [Single]

4. Ivo Ivo Ivo [Chocolate City album]

3. Blackstar ft. Tracy [Chocolate City album]

2. On Top [Chocolate City Album]

1. Voices Of Kibera (V.O.K) ft. Kayvo Kforce [Chocolate City album]

As you can notice, most of our preferred Octopizzo songs are in his debut album, Chocolate City.

Do you agree with this Aipate list? Comment below!


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