Mark Elliot -“Good Way”

mark elliott good way.jpg

“Good Way” is a cleverly composed electro-pop track by Mark Elliot. The song meditates on new love, growing older and changing perspective.

“‘Good Way’ was a song written at an interesting time in my life, it marks settling down in some ways and starting new adventures in others. For me, the song has two main themes: the most obvious explores meeting someone that changes you (‘I’m an early riser you might say, but you make me want to sleep in late’) for the better (‘the sky’s a different shade of blue, in a good way’) and the other reflects on a feeling that although having ambition and goals is a good thing, it can be all encompassing and it’s important to make time for life, (‘ambition has a danger with it, it grows to fill the space you give it’).”

Mark wrote the song with Alkemi. Listen to the Brad Mair produced piece.


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