Aash Mehta -“Say Goodnight” featuring Capelle and Gavin Garris

Aash Mehta shares a new single “Say Goodnight” featuring Capelle and Gavin Garris. The track is the follow up single to her Stardust EP.

‘”Say Goodnight” tells the story of those “late night” romances that walk the thin line between a fling and something more – something I feel that many of us can relate to. This song encompasses the struggle of deciding between the two – the thoughts that go through our heads, the sacrifices we make, and the frustration we feel. To portray this accurately, I got the help of vocalists Capelle, as well as Gavin Garris. This is the first time I have had multiple vocalists on a track, but really feel that the male/female combo gives this song a whole new meaning. Each verse gives a different perspective which allows this song to be relatable to all listeners as well as tell the story in it’s entirety”, Mehta Says

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