The Spinshots out with,”Seven Bullets, One Gun” off upcoming EP

The Spinshots are an Amstedam-based, 7-piece band. The Dutch outfit was founded by Martin Draax who dreamt of a band that came through a crack in reality from an obscure world. With influences from around the world, they value music from both the past and the present.

Seven Bullets, One Gun will be their debut EP.  The 7-track project will be released through the Italian-Dutch label, Tardam Records. The Spinshots say that on each song of the EP, they tell the story of a murdered girl and the potential murderer.

The lead single off the EP is a track of the same title

In “Seven Bullets, One Gun”, the main character, Nadia Miroslava, is kidnapped to be endowed by force to the winner of a game of Russian Roulette. However, Nadia is smarter than the last survivor and kills him with his own gun, stating, ‘A girl can not be merchandised’. She disappears with the dowry. ~The Spinshots


The other track of the first EP is called ‘Slipstream of a Dream’ and tells the story of a slightly younger Nadia, who elopes from her drunk mother and flees with a group of circus artists, destination unknown.

Listen to the song by the band that calls their type of music “Neo Exotica”.

Watch The Spinshots play their song ‘Click Click Clap’ at Club Intergalactica in Amsterdam.

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