“Forever” by Joon Jukx was inspired by his wedding. Stream entire album


What do we get when a rapper goes reflectively sentimental in his composition? Well, with “Forever” single by Joon Jukx as reference, the outcome is nothing but a masterpiece.

Listed off his just released Little Scars album, he wrote the it in teh run-up to his wedding and even had it played for their first dance as a couple. “Forever” was produced by Killa Vic.

Born Raynell Tariq in Queens, NY but raised in South Bronx, NY, Joon Jukx experienced his own account of hardships before turning to music. Son of a single parent, music helped him overcome and escape gang life. Raised in a single parent home he found himself spiraling into the life of a gang member, and now he uses it to reflect upon issues.

Little Scars is such a great album. Listen to “Forever” below via Spotify.

Stream the entire album here via Soundcloud.




  1. I have known Raynell since we were in high school which is 14 years ago. When he first started making music I thought it was a phase, a hobby, something that he would eventually outgrow. However, with time he has proven to be passionate about his craft. The forever song captures his growth into a man, a father and now a husband. When I see a black man who is taking care of his children, working hard to support his family and giving to the community it is not just a win for him but it is a universal win. The forever song hits a cord of love, romance and what happens when two people continue to love one another unconditional. Also listen to some of my personal favorites such as: Clean, Nose Bleed, Beg For You and In Her Shoes highly recommended.


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