Watch Burden “Creepin” into 2018 [Video]

Burden begins 2018 with a bang, releasing a new video. He presents the visuals for “Creeping”. He is an Ohio-born rapper, real name Kenneth Bartels. This record follows up his “I Got” video.

With an absentee father, Kenneth’s mother had to move to Florida to start a new life, and also escape drugs. It is because of these personal experiences that Burden identifies himself as a misfit and maybe this has something to do with his choice for a stage name.

Watch “Creepin”:


One comment

  1. Poor Kenneth claims to of had such a bad life? But hey he is alive, he forgets to mention here that he murdered Austin Porter. He wanted to be one of those rappers that could brag about murder and killing.

    Normally ” Burden” usually mentions Austin’s murder, so he can give you his bull SHIT, poor me story. One, that he got convected of murder, and two that lol two years in prison made him a MAN.

    Two years what a joke. Austin’s still dead, his family still in pain every day.
    One day you will be judged by the real judge. I’m sure he will also find it interesting how one of the first things you told the police, is that you had you had shot the gun earlier that day. So surprisingly you would have gun residue on you, and why did it take you so long to call 911. Why didn’t you write a song named “The Truth” and tell the family what really happened?


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