Hear Klangplanet’s “Tropical” grooves in latest single

Munich-based, German producer Klangplanet has released a new single, “Tropical”. The song targets the summer season. He has added a tropical flavor to the record.

Real name Frieder Mollat, the artist is also an accomplished songwriter. He began using the Klangplanet moniker last year when he ventured out as a solo artist. He has since self-released an album, Eternity. “Tropical” is the second follow-up single, after “Crazy”.

As a songwriter, Mollat has written for a number of projects. In fact, he was signed by Universal Music Publishing Germany in 2001.

Listen to “Tropical”, a sweetly groovy, deep house track.




  1. […] German house music producer KLANGPLANET has a new one for the fans. Titled “Aliens” and infused with a funky vibe, the track is themed with “spacey” sensibilities. Previously an accomplished songwriter signed to Universal Music Publishing Germany in 2001, KLANGPLANET (birth name Frieder Mollat) has been making making and playing music for quite some time now. We have have, in the past, shared his singles like “Chinatown” and “Tropical“. […]


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