Watch “Here’s The Fall” video by Swedish singer Lars Ekengren

Lars Ekengren is a singer from Örnsköldsvik, northen Sweden. We have highlighted his song, “Here’s The Fall”. It has a great video that corresponds to the powerful track. With vocals that are gritty yet smoothly effortless, the song deserves your immediate listen.

Lars’ father played the trumpet and he grew up listening to the sound of Ronnie James Dio. Now an engineer, music is still embedded in his DNA. His debut release came in form of Dirt EP. His sound is a concoction of bits of pop, rock and alt. country. There is a feel of blues too.

He released his debut album Monsters early this year. He says..

 “It has taken my entire life to write this album – both literally and figuratively. It’s a collection of songs that echoes of fear, pain, happiness, sorrow, love, memories, hopelessness, confusion, resignation, hope, anxiety, alienation … well, pretty much everything and anything that fits into one’s existence. Despite it being my first album – it’s my legacy, of some sort.

Watch “Here’s The Fall”.


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