Top 10 songs of the Month – July 2018

Aipate is premiering a blog section that will be celebrating the top 10 songs of each month. We begin with the releases we ranked higher in the month of July. We based the list on mixture of reception from our readers and our judgement on song quality.

1. Manana – “Distance (I’m Yours)” 

“Distance (I’m Yours)” is one of the few songs we marked with the ‘sublime’ tag. It’s a sweet ballad that oozes out soothing nostalgia.

2. Godz Chyld & Jordan River bank -“Lumière”

The song will get the average hip hop head marveling at the rapper’s great flow. The songwriting is also very good, with its well thought bars.

3. Talia – “Secondhand”

“Secondhand” is a great composition covered in a beautiful delivery. The artist thrives at that junction between pop and jazz.

4. Karen Harding – “Picture”

25-year-old Karen Harding shared a new song that carries her signature energy. “Picture” was produced by Swedish DJ/producer Tobtok. It was released on Perfect Havoc, the Hoxton-based label. The vigour in the track’s electronic tune matches the power in Karen’s vocals to give us a song to dance to, all night.

5. Nincy – “Cinco Estrellas”

Nincy is an up-and-coming Latin artist from the islands of the Dominican Republic. “Cinco Estrellas” carries that exciting Caribbean dancehall sound and the singing is marvelous.

6. Talii – “Lost”

This is Alt. R&B singer Talii debut single that was produced G.Bliz and released through AWAL. Her warm vocals have a soothing effect and combine with the relatable lyrics to give fans something to listen and jam to.

7. Cantrell – “Keep Yapping”

The rapper is fresh off inking a deal with Nas’ Mass Appeal Records. “Keep Yappin” is the first single off Stardust 2 Angels, his upcoming debut EP. With a production that affords him room to lay his hard-hitting bars, “Keep Yapping” is a possible street anthem.

8. Dana Williams -“Worst In Me”

“Worst In Me” is warm and it comes covered in a bright video. It’s a lyrical confrontation of a failed relationship and after the realization that her mate had brought out the worst in her. Dana is an LA-based soul singer.

9. Anna Oakley – “M.O.P”

Her flow merges with the hard-hitting trap track, giving the song some flavor. Behind the hard-hitting bars, she remains articulate.

10. Mosiash – “Burning Red”

“Burning red” infuses a dancehall and reggae vibes.


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