Cambriana transports us to the rain-forests with Manaus Vidaloka album

Created within a week of recording within the rain forests, outside Manaus, the 11-track Manaus Vidaloka album by Brazilian indie-folk outfit Cambriana will remain a standout release. The experimental project carries influences from Afrobeats, Chimurenga and is a wildly, adventurous piece of work. “Manaus”, the title-related song rests amidst the tracks but is, in itself, a conspicuously, excellent single. With surprisingly changing rhythms, it manages to remain captivating.

Other tracks to highlight include: “Lucifer”, “Center of the Universe” and “Holy Garden”.  The rest of the songs share the Overall, Manaus Vidaloka is a philosophical exploration of human influence on death of things and how they are affected by such eventualities. The LP follows up the Goiânia-based band’s House of Tolerance album (2012) and Worker EP (2013). Stream the entire album below via Soundcloud (Also, follow them on Twitter, Instagram & Facebook)].

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