Hear Dave McEathron’s “Hell To Heavens”, the lead single to both his album and EP

We are so glad to be sharing “Hell To Heavens”, a smooth and lovely song by Toronto-based musician, Dave McEathron. The record serves as the lead single to both of his new, just-released projects; while Abandoned Companions is a full-length, 11-song, folk album, The Abandoned Companions Companion Piece is a 5-track, roots-rock EP. The two projects were released on October 26. Stream the album below:

…and then the EP:

Dave McEathron is a singer/songwriter and multi-instrumentalist who was (formerly) the frontman of the The Warped 45s band. You can find more about him on his website.

Abandoned Companions tracklist

  1. 3:32       Hell to the Heavens
  2. 2:37       The Tears that I Gave Her
  3. 2:51       I Will
  4. 3:01       The Other Side
  5. 1:31       Coffin Bone
  6. 4:27       His Mother Named Him Angel
  7. 2:27     Morning Voice
  8. 3:39       Luck
  9. 2:31       All Along the Blooming Black Mold
  10. 3:23       Maybe, just maybe
  11. 2:04       No Better Teacher than Time

The Abandoned Companions Companion Piece tracklist

  1. 3:37       Hell to the Heavens
  2. 2:22       Curse On All Your Names
  3. 2:41       Twist
  4. 2:37       The Tears that I Gave Her
  5. 4:15       Midnight for Ledbelly


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