Listen to SHY Nodi’s “No Vibe”

Aipate captured the moment when SHY Nodi stepped out from his songwriter’s desk by sharing his debut single, “Complex“. Today, we return you to the Swedish singer/songwriter’s world as he shares his second single titled, “No Vibe”. The 25-year-old is, in fact, also working on his debut project, a mini-album that will be released next year.

“No Vibe” infuses elements of hip-hop and R&B rhythms into the electronic tune to give the track an inviting pop flavour. The smooth tune complements the heartfelt composition and silky vocals to give the song an emotional edge. Still

“’No Vibe’ is a self-perceived image of identifying destructive patterns in a relationship and daring to break free from them. People change and it’s sad how money, status and material things sometimes can be prioritised over true friendship or love. In this world, genuine relationships are all we have left in the end. You can’t take money with you to the grave.” Nodi says, providing insight behind the composition 


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