VCATION and Klei are up all night drinking “Whiskey & Cola”

Conceived on a warm day in Germany, “Whiskey & Cola” is the new summer-tinged single from VCATION, a Swedish electronic producer-cum-artist duo consisting of Michel Zitron and John Martin. The song also features singer Klei, who inject her own sweet and sultry vocals, a supplement to Michael and John’s characteristic smooth delivery. The song suits a post-break up resolve to remain happy and lovely.

We hung out in Berlin for a week this summer, working with new up-and-coming talents. When we had a session with Klei, it was a crazy hot day. Luckily, there was a little shop just by the studio where they sold those ice-cold cans of pre-mixed whiskey and cola. When we got back to the studio, we literally just played around – and that playfulness led to this new track” says VCATION.

Listen to the indie-flavored, electronic dance-pop record above via Soundcloud even as you follow VCATION on Twitter.



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