Adée unleashes Home/Down EP: A Review

Swedish Pop/Soul singer/songwriter and rapper Adée returns to excite the Scandinavian pop scene with a new EP, Home/Down. Spanning 4 tracks, Home/Down finds the artist transitioning from her soul background into a more pop-inflected sound but still, she retains her deeply lyrical edge. Musically, the project’s sharp production receives an electronic treatment, adding an excitingly powerful flavour to the already well composed pieces. The EP reflectively explores Adée’s music journey and it is “Home” (the title-track) that better represents this theme. “Wasted On You” and “Hold It Against You” follow the artist on her love/relationship path, interestingly contrasting her initiatives and vulnerabilities. Her gripping vocals further acts as fodder into these emotional submissions. “If You Jump” gets her rapping in between a heartfelt refrain. Overall, Adée sounds to have immersed herself into this project, making it a more personal release.

An independently released record, Home/Down was, however, supported by the musician’s music publisher, management and Musichelp, an artist development program which she is affiliated to. It precedes a forthcoming album that she will be dropping soon, and here at Aipate, we are already in anticipation mode.

Besides writing and singing, Adée is also a trained producer who had, earlier, produced for a number of emerging acts. Influenced into composing her own lyrics by her elder brother, who was a signed rapper by then, the two later formed a band through which they released an EP and album, while also touring across Sweden and beyond. Her debut EP as a solo act came in 2012, before the eventual folding up of the band. Since then, Adée  — who enjoys huge support from her family, particularly her mother — has been recording and releasing tracks and projects. She’s, so far, built a reputation as a bankable live act, and in the process, graced a number of festival stages across Europe and the US. Just last week, she was performing in Nairobi during the just-ended Ongea Summit 2019. It is there where she granted us an interview, a free advance copy of the EP (thanks again, by the way), plus the revelation that, while still in the 254, she would collaborate on a track with Decimal Records’ Eric Musyoka, a project which later materialized and we are awaiting it’s official release.

Be it her striking orange outfit on stage or her ecstatic demeanor, Adée is an exciting person to watch or listen to. Brought to mainstream attention by her 2014 single “Woman”, which she has to reciprocally perform whenever she is on stage, the artist still has so much to offer and this EP will just be another installment. Shared below are the official visuals for “Wasted On You” and “If You Jump”, the project’s lead singles which she’d already revealed earlier.

Get Home/Down on iTunes here … or stream it via Spotify above. Also follow her on Instagram & Facebook.



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